Shree Prajapati Association (UK) Tameside Branch

    President's Message

    SPA UK was established in 1975 in Tameside. Today 14 branches, Birmingham, Bolton, Bradford, Coventry, East London, Leicester, London, Loughborough, Luton, Preston, Rugby, Tameside, Walsall, Wellingborough.

    SPA UK has funds of around £300k. One main activity is charity work and raising funds to help during natural disasters such as the
    earth quake appeals and tsunami as well as helping our Gujarati Community in India. These include:

    £60k raised in 2001 Gujarat earthquake where an orphanage was built in Bhuj in partnership with the Lions Club Coventry. This is a
    permanent legacy by SPA UK to provide accommodation for 50 orphans.

    Tsunami appeal in Tamil Nadu 2003, where in partnership with Sewa International, SPA donated funds for new building projects.

    In 2008 we helped raise funds for the Eye Camp appeal in Navsari and the surrounding areas.  SPA UK donated over £20k for a mobile
    unit to travel around and visit villages. This is a free service offered to locals.

    Donations have also been sent via SPA UK towards Ashrams in Navsari, Billimora and Bardoli as well as a donation towards a new girl’s hostel on the 3rd floor of the Navsari Ashram.

    In 1999 SPA UK appointed a sub committee namely SPA International Trust Fund.  This is funded from the interest received
    from the Nairobi Trust fund.  Today ITF have almost £110k to use for charitable use.

    One main use is the Education Fund.  Substantial sum paid out in grants towards education, individuals and organisations.

    WE should all be proud to be Prajapatis and part of such a generous charity driven organisation that is SPA UK. I invite all Prajapati community to actively particiate and contribute for the good on society. We do a lot of good work. I am grateful for the support our branch receive from the members.

    Thank you to all Tameside Branch members and supporters.

    Bharatbhai V Mistry, President