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    Posted by Manu Mistry on 05/08/2016

    Namaste Sailesh. Congratulation to you on being elected Secretary of Tameside Branch. Good luck and you have my support. Manu

    Posted by Dilip Mistry on 09/08/2010   Email

    Namaste and JSK Manubhai. This is a brilliant website and as it develops we should be able to build on the photo gallery of many events and their memories. Thank you for taking the time to organise the website. It's important that we keep it updated with news and views about events that take place in Tameside. Message from the community would be very welcomed to encourage further suggestions to develope this website together. One suggestion would be to have a link available where people/members can inform SPA of their change of address to update the Tameside address book and members database for prompt leaflet distribution. Best wishes and again Well Done Manubhai. Dilip

    Posted by Jamnadas on 09/08/2010   Email

    Namaskar to all Congratualations for new website of Tameside Branch.It an excellant work done by those involve deserve credit.Wish that it wiil be uodated monthly and some photo gallery. Kind regards Jamnadas